“Big-Church Leftovers” for KidMin!

KIDS Ministry at our church is using wireless mics, speakers, cables, and even PEOPLE from the main stage “Big Church.” What about you?

Ask your “Big Church” soundman what gear and accessories he’s no longer using that Children’s Ministry can have or borrow. You’ll probably find:
- speakers that sound better than what you’ve got now (“Big Church” used them as “monitors,” but they’re now using “in-ear monitoring systems”)
- microphone cables (because they’re now using wireless mics)
- Acoustic drums (because they’re now using electronic drums to “control onstage volume”)

If you’re not a Children’s Minister, pass this Blog info along to the KidMin people at your church! It might be useful to them!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to great ministry and Christ-following in 2013…Rob Biagi & family

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