Consider This . . .

Do kids go around singing the songs?

Good question. It’s THE question, actually. Children go around singing the most melodic, clever, memorable songs they’ve heard. Songs from musicals, Disney songs, adult worship songs.

But parents and Children’s Ministers don’t have time to preview all the Christian kids’ music CDs to find biblically accurate, high-energy, fun music.

And many Christian kids’ CDs sound like kids’ choir rehearsal CDs. Today’s 3rd-6th grade kids don’t like that sound and style.

And then there are the motions. Most Kids’ Church motions are either too simplistic, or too much like show choreography. [My wife] Kathleen Biagi makes up the best motions in the world, because her motions:
...are simple enough for the kids to learn.
...are complicated enough that it takes some "game".
...“Lift” the song and make it more fun and memorable!

And what about the heart and motivation of the artist? I want to support artists and companies that truly share my biblical values. Do you?

So, you need a website that's fast and easy, with Bible/Teaching Points so you can find which songs to use and when, what all the lyrics [not just the :30 preview section]. You need to see the motions so you can know how they will work in your church, home, or club.

This Website Includes:
- :90-second Previews of songs [with individual song downloads]
- Previews of Dance Moves [with individual song downloads]
- Which RobSongs to use in Kids’ Church, and when
- Kids’ Worship Leader Tips, Blog, Forum
- What People Are Saying About Rob

NOTE: Rob Biagi is also the Kids’ Ministry Music Leader at Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, CA

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