Don't Lose Heart!

Lots of people are facing discouraging situations in their relationships, careers, ministries, and finances.  I have been tempted to be discouraged (isn't that what it is, a temptation to sin by being discouraged and not trust God?) off and on for years.  But I never got TOO down, I guess.  And I am grateful to God for his grace in that.

If you're going through something difficult (let's face it: you probably are, and if you're not, you will be...), I hope that you're still reading God's word, still praying, still trusting, believing that God is at work in you.  We shouldn't necessarily pray that God would make our lives easier, we should pray that we "get out of His way" and have a humble, changeable, teachable heart, and a willingness to become more like Christ (who was a model of patient suffering!).

But I do wish good things from God for you, too.  We all need that hope, don't we?  Don't lose heart!

Have a good day, knowing that He is with you!

- Rob

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