Funny Things About "Voice Rest"

Since having vocal cord surgery last week, I've been on "vocal rest" [no speaking, no talking, no throat-clearning, nuttin'.]  It's been weird.

My poor wife is talking twice as much, trying to make up the difference.  People around me are talking louder, as if I'm deaf AND mute.  Funny.  Others are using hand motions [their attempts at Sign Language] in addition to their words, like that's going to help me.

My wife has called me on the phone a few times, and I've whistled to let her know I'm there, but I can't speak.  Then she laughs and starts asking me "yes" or "no" questions.  "One clap for yes; two claps for no."

It's been hard to do my usual songwriting sessions, because I do a lot of singing melodies and rhythms while I play my keyboard, searching for song ideas.  I've been feeling pretty useless.

I said I was going to read the Bible and pray, which I have, but I most enjoy speaking my prayers, which I can't do at present, so I've prayed less the past couple of weeks., I'm going to stop blogging and pull out my Prayer Journal [Word document] and start typing.  Bye for now!

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