Help Me RE-LAUNCH With Lyrics Videos!

Hello family and friends,

Well, God seems to want me making music for His kids (instead of Corporate America as I thought 8 months ago), so HERE I GO!

I feel like He gave me two new ideas:
1) to make lyrics videos to get my songs into new, tech-savvy churches, and
2) to write custom music and "jingles" and fun pieces for Children's Ministries (watch this video)

For the lyrics videos, I'm asking for your help with a crowdfunding campaign on the safe, secure crowdfunding site

For the custom music, I hope you'll help me GET THE WORD out!  I'll share my projects on social media and we will celebrate what God does together.

Thanks as always for your love and support as I have prayerfully figured all this out.

Rob (and Kathleen, Juli and Natalie) Biagi

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