John Lennon Got it Wrong With "Imagine"

I have a couple of Facebook friends and, my goodness, God seems to be blessing them.  Like crazy!  In their ministry, marriage, parenting, careers, finances, home, everything.  I'm continually tempted to be jealous, or at least to say, "Ummm...Lord?  I'm not asking to trade lives with them, but, uh, my little family has (what I see as) some basic needs here.  Please don't forget us over here..."

Horrible thoughts, I know, but it's a battle.

And I know many of you are struggling, feeling like there are some basic needs or situations that the Lord is keeping quiet about.  Maybe it's your health.  Maybe it's your marriage.  Maybe it's parenting your teenager, or an addiction you can't shake, or a heartbreak or disappointment you just can't get over.

We are commanded to quickly turn our thoughts to Christ (his earthly life was filled with suffering), and to "things above, where Christ is..." (Col. 3:2).  I believe Scripture commands us to "Imagine" what heaven will be like, in a perfect place where God's will is done.  So I'm giving you a free download of a song off my first album.  I hope it lifts your spirits, and shifts your focus toward heaven.

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May the Lord bless you - the way He wants to!
​Rob & family

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