Letter to a Discouraged Friend

Dear friend,

I know you're discouraged.  Things aren't going very well in your earthly life right now.  There are a lot of things you're questioning and you wish you could see God at work more obviously, and more clearly.

But you need to hear me say, and you MUST remember - that God is with you and he loves you!  In His sovereignty, He has brought/allowed many troubles in your life.  He even seems to be allowing your efforts to be fruitless for some reason.  And it's a good reason.  I don't know why, but I do know it's temporary.  Like earthly life.

It's gonna be okay!

God said he has given you everything you need for life and godliness.  And if you continue to "show up" to be a good disciple, a good parent, a good worker, and a good friend, you will be blessed with what you need.  He has not forgotten about you.  He can't.  You are His!

He is painting with some dark colors in your life, my friend, and has been for many years now.  Oh, what a dramatic, beautiful picture He must be painting!  One day you will see...that He has been hard at work in your life, even when you thought He wasn't.

Remember when you had leukemia and wrote that song, "Hallelujah, Thank You"?  You recorded the demo and walked around, in the dark of night, joyfully weeping and singing it for hours!  I sent it out with your latest email blast, to remind you and your friends of that time.  You thought God might "bust things loose in your ministry, and let you tell that story to tens-of-thousands."  He kinda didn't, and you were confused and disappointed.  Don't be.  Just continue to be faithful. Walk on.


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  • Nikki
    What a great and valuable friend! Thanks!

    What a great and valuable friend! Thanks!

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