My Songs Made Me Happy!

Two Friday nights ago, I was sitting on my couch (people in cold temperatures are stuck inside "sitting on their couch" a lot, I've learned!).

I went on iTunes and listened to all 13 clips from my "Grown-Up Kid" album, and what I heard made me happy!  The songs are well written, the lyrics are fun and clever, it's well produced and well performed by the band and me!

I thought, "Man!  Kids in more churches need to hear these songs.  Why haven't they?!"  THE REASON IS: they need Lyrics Videos like this (click here).  I could only afford to make them for two songs.

Will you help me pay to make more?  Lyrics videos are expensive to make ($500-$2,000 apiece), and I don't have the money (which is why we moved out of California 19 months ago).  Email me at if you can help.  Thanks so much! - Rob Biagi

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