Not Just for Sunday

When you’re picking songs for your family or Kids’ Church, make sure there are some “Not Just for Sunday” songs in the mix.

Monday through Saturday, my own daughters don’t choose to listen to many songs with really “churchy”/worshippy language (“Blessed Be Your Holy Name, Lord”). Instead they listen to songs by popular Christian rock bands and contemporary artists – not necessarily stuff that’s sung in high school or adult worship.

Remember – we have to think like the kids! If the adult volunteers love your Kids’ worship songs, you might not be reaching the kids! Your songs should “hook” the kids with a good melody and kid-friendly lyrics and biblical concepts. That way they can be reminded of God throughout the week, or think of him in a different way. Kids’ Music is “Not Just for Sunday”!

The songs I write are a kids-eye-view of the Christian life. Consider these lyrics:
- “I got the ‘Stink of the World’ off me…”
- “I don’t know about you; I just know about me. ‘I’m Followin’ Jesus’…”
- “Our house is a ‘Loud House,’ can’tcha see?…Praise rises from me.”
- “Every tear I’ve cried – You’ll wipe from my eyes and I’ll say, ‘Hallelujah, Thank You.’”

I’m not saying “get rid of the overtly 'churchy' songs,” I’m suggesting that kids don’t remember those as easily throughout the week. It’s not how they talk, and it’s not how they think. BUT THOSE SONGS ARE IMPORTANT to introduce kids to deeper truths about God’s nature, true worship, and biblical repentance and faith (and to get them ready for Junior High School). So mix them in. But make sure you’ve got lyrics and music styles that really GRAB the kids and make them remember Jesus at all different times throughout the week.

Go to to listen and purchase music, motions, CDs, DVDs, chord charts, worship leader tips, and everything you’ll need to strengthen your Kids’ Worship for next weekend! May God use you and me powerfully as we seek and serve him. – Rob Biagi

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