Today I had surgery to remove nodules on my vocal cords. The surgery went well, the doctor did [what seems to be] a beautiful job zapping that laser around in my throat [I saw “before and after” photos], and now I begin 1-2 weeks of vocal rest.  Oh well...

I was under general anesthesia, so I’m feeling physically weak, but otherwise good and very grateful. My throat hurts when I swallow, so I need to quit bein' a baby.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts of my family and me! My prayer and hope now is that there will be no scarring or damage to my vocal folds, and that I’ll have my full voice range back to make a new CD in 2012.

I will use this “quiet time” to read and study God’s word, to write in my Prayer Journal, and to compose melodies and chord progressions for potential new songs! – Rob Biagi 12/1/2011

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