Take Us HOME! (Don't Just Hear Us at Church!)

7-year-old kids can't spell R-O-B-B-I-A-G-I dot com.  Or Jana Alayra.  Go Fish?  Like the card game?  "Amber Sky" is a crayon color, right?!  And was it Yancy or Nancy?  Yancy NOT Nancy!  Sheesh.  Then how do we get our music from the "airwaves" at Kids' Church to the "playlist" on mom's iPhone?

How can I let the parents know their kids heard AWESOME music in Kids' Church today that THEY OUGHTA BUY, tell everyone about, and play over-and-over at home and on trips around town?
- send a flyer home?
- one-on-one conversations with parents (nah...too time-consuming)
- adhesive stickers on kids' clothes? ("Hey, check out www.thatROBguy.com for some GREAT kids' music!  Trust me.  Your kid was ROCKIN' in Kids' Church today.")

Our music is not just "another way to entertain a child."  It is the word of God set to music.  Bible teaching takes lots of time, and repetition.  Music is GREAT for that!

Wouldn't parents be grateful to have the help of some excellent music to reinforce biblical truths?  Then, how do I let parents know?

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