Work Out

I used to weigh 202 pounds. But I got fit. By doing work. By working out. I wake up in the 5:00 hour every day to walk, lift weights, stretch, and do push-ups. It’s hard work. But I weigh 170 pounds now and I have the most energy I've had in 20 years.

So why do we think we can “sit around” and “dwell on Christ” and think we are going to be spiritually fit?

To get results in anything takes commitment, consistency, and hard work: physical fitness, your golf swing, cooking, learning an instrument, reading the Bible.

God calls us “workmen” in 2 Timothy 2:15. The New Testament Greek word means “workmen,” not "philosophers."

The point, however, is not to win in "Bible Trivia;" it's to know the One who wrote the letter.

Until then, may I never say “reading and studying the Bible is too much work, where’s my People Magazine?”

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