You Gotta Be a Goof!

To educate kids, you must have their attention.  To get their attention, you have to be extreme.  Sometimes, it helps to be a goof!

My personality has always been to get on the floor and play with kids.  I love their energy, their curiosity, and their sincerity.  The fact that I can be goofy makes kids laugh, and then I can sing to them and teach them.  I do voice impersonations, extreme physical movements, and make my voice quiet, then LOUD!  What about you?  What can you do to be captivating?

If your ministry kids aren't engaged in music time (or even with your Bible lesson), consider being a goof.

1) You'd better have solid, well-rehearsed content, or you won't KEEP kids' attention.
2) Don't be a goof too often, for too long, or they won't take you seriously.
3) You don't want kids thinking God's word (or church) is "silly."

But kids speak the language of FUN - so make it fun!

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